January 17 2020

3.7 Tournament Cancellation Policy Weather Cancellation

If local weather or other circumstances prevent a team from traveling to an event unexpectedly, teams must contact the appropriate Program Coordinator via email, or call the tournament host if the cancellation is the morning of the event. OVA HOTLINE: 647-467-5514 Each team must assess their own risk when making the decision to travel due to weather or other extenuating circumstances. It is not possible for the OVA to assess each team’s travel situation. It is recommended that weather and road conditions be checked prior to commencing travel. The Tournament Host and OVA Program Coordinator will consider local weather, road conditions and the number of teams who will not be attending when deciding if a cancellation is warranted. Any decision to cancel an event due to weather concerns will be published by the OVA at at approximately 2pm on the Friday prior to a competition weekend. If no cancellation notice is published, it should be assumed that the event will continue as scheduled. School boards have the authority to cancel any permit with very limited notice without consulting the permit holder or the OVA. However, these instances are out of the OVA’s control and we will do our best to communicate these cancellations as soon as notification is received. Team weather cancellations will not be accepted until 48hours before the event. Any cancellation prior to the 48 hours will fall under section 3.8. If a tournament is cancelled by the OVA, 100% of the registration fee will be refunded. If the tournament is not cancelled, any teams that withdraw due to weather concerns, will be reimbursed their entry fee, and will still be credited as having participated in the tournament. Please note that it is highly unlikely that a cancelled tournament will be rescheduled.

January 15 2020

KRVC Coaches Clinic

February 9 2020 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Additional details will be sent out via email.

QMVB Jr Boys Clinic

The QMVB Jr Boys Sunday Clinics are geared towards local Gr. 7-9 volleyball players looking for more practice time. The program will rely on the team's  equipment to create a unique training environment for the athletes. Over 6 sessions, we'll dive into Serve/Receive, Setting/Attacking, and Block/Defense. Every two weeks will have a new focus with lots of competing. Included in the cost for 6 sessions is a Gaels Volleyball t-shirt signed by some of our guys!

Sundays from 3 - 5pm (Feb 9, it's 5 - 6:30pm)

Dates: Jan 19, Jan 26, Feb 9, Feb 16, March 22, April 5

Queen's ARC South, Gyms 3 & 4

$150 for all 6 sessions; includes a signed Gaels Volleyball t-shirt!




January 15 2020

We're aware of the upcoming school strikes and will keep you posted on any cancellations. Currently permits are not affected.  Please keep an eye on our social media (Facebook & Instagram) for updates.